School kids synthesise drug

Sdyney Grammar students makde $750 malaria drug cheaply
Sdyney Grammar students makde $750 malaria drug cheaply

Sydney Grammar School students have synthesized the essential malaria drug Daraprim that currently sells for $750. The anti-parasitic drug that was recently purchased by a wealthy wall street banker who increased the price from $13 to $750 as soon as he acquired control of the drug. The process developed by the Sydney students could be sold for $2 per dose if its equivalence is confirmed by the owner of the existing patent. Without that the new version drug cannot be sold until it is independently trialled. The project was led by academics trialling an Open Data approach to compete with Big Pharma. The current patent owner, Martin Shkreli, is facing investigation by Congress for his pricing behaviour and financial dealings.

Sydney University article – with explanatory video

Shkreli responds

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