Sex and drugs and the ASP for the Senate

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kirstysexpartyKirsty Patten, sister of Sex Party founder Fiona Patten,  is running for the Sex Party in the Queesland Senate. She has been a member of the Australian Sex Party since its inception (member number 14) and has always supported the common sense policies the party promotes. She is a gay woman with a partner and child who would like to have the same rights as all others in this country.

A teacher for 20 years in schools ranging from catholic primary and high schools to remote indigenous schools in the NT and Torres Strait to low socio economic schools in Northern Tasmania and finishing as a Principal on Hayman Island.

She has also worked on Japanese long-liners as an observer, played soccer for four different states and is about to try her hand at small business.

She says many Australians would have experimented with an illicit drug sometime in their lives. This shouldn’t be a crime nor should the personal possession of small amounts of drugs. Portugal has had a very successful history with a policy of decriminalisation which we should emulate.

She also wants to see the right to die with dignity as a basic human right. Over 82% of Australians agree that voluntary euthanasia should be legalised.

Caption: Kirsty and Fiona Patten enjoy a quiet ale together.

Have a look at the ASP’s outrageous TV ad here:








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