PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has appeared business-like and confident as she left the Labor caucus meeting today, but Kevin Rudd left the meeting 17 minutes earlier, looking stiff and focused.
It comes as the PM notches up 1000 days in the top job today and speculation mounts as to how long she will stay – with warnings she may be facing an election ”sooner than September 14”.

Independent MP Tony Windsor warned if the Labor Party could agree on who is stable enough to run the place then it does not deserve the support of the crossbench.

”If they continue with this election mode and this whole business about who the leader is well they might get to an election quicker than the September 14,” Mr Windsor told ABC TV.

But Cabinet Minister Simon Crean said Labor will not be calling an election before September 14.

”Tony Windsor is part of an agreement that sees us run full term, does he want to break his agreement?,” he said after the caucus meeting this afternoon.

Mr Crean rejected any suggestion of a leadership challenge.

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