Solar now cheaper than wind

Massive solar panel arrays are now cheaper to erect than coal plants
Photovoltaic solar panels sit in flooded marshland at Visonta, Hungary. Photographer: Akos Stiller

Conservative financial publisher Bloomberg reports that 70 Gigawatts of Solar energy 70 gigawatts of solar production was installed in 2016 compared to 60 gigawatts of wind and much lower amounts of gas and coal.

Solar is the cheapest form of energy in 58 developing countries where electricity prices are high. In developed countries natural gas remains competitive with wind and solar but coal-powered electricity is becoming more expensive than all other forms of energy in all markets.

More renewables combined with the rapid shift to electric cars is encouraging mainstream investors to join the divestment movement. Australian citizens lead the world in taking their life savings out of fossil fuels and moving it to renewables.

CEFC backs 270MW Sapphire wind farm, in vote of confidence for merchant market

A consortium between Vestas and Zenviron will deliver the project, with Vestas supplying and commissioning the turbines, and Zenviron delivering the balance of plant. TransGrid will build, operate and maintain an on-site substation connecting the Sapphire project to the national energy grid.

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