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Tasmania on its way to the polls

by Ben Raue

Following on from recent speculation about a possible snap election to be called in Tasmania, the Tally Room guide to the next Tasmanian state election is now up on the website.

Tasmania last went to the polls in March 2010, and the next election was expected to be held this March, and must be held by June. Recent speculation suggests that Labor Premier Lara Giddings could call the election as early as this week.

The guide features a summary of the electoral system and political circumstances, and profiles of all five electorates. Each electorate will elect five members of Parliament.

At the last election, all five electorates produced the same result: two Labor, two Liberal and one Green. This resulted in the Labor government losing its majority after three terms in government, and forming an alliance with the Tasmanian Greens which saw Greens take on ministerial roles for the first time in Australian history.

Since that last election, the Liberal Party has shot ahead in the polls and is expected to win the next election.

Throughout this week I will be profiling one of the five electorates each day. I’ll start profiling electorates for the March election in South Australia from next week, but if you’re interested you can read those profiles already written by clicking through to the South Australian guide or clicking on the links on the right-hand sidebar.

If you want to comment on the general campaign or the possible timing of the election, please use this thread. For specific discussion on a particular electorate or candidate, please use that profile’s comments thread.

Ben Raue | January 13, 2014 at 8:30 am | URL: http://wp.me

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