The biggest Australian bank financing fossil fuels. Time to act.

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The biggest Australian bank financing fossil fuels. Time to act.

Charlie Wood – Australia <>
5:36 PM (1 hour ago)

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Dear friend,

Firstly, a quick reminder about our Peaceful Direct Action Training this Thursday – a great opportunity to start directing some of that fantastic energy generated by yesterday’s rallies! Now to the focus of this email….

As we speak, our largest commercial bank – ANZ – is progressing plans to finance a massive open-cut coal mine that will cook the climate and destroy a forest. Please keep reading to find out how you can take action and help stop this happening.

Aside from the climate impacts, Maules Creek Mine, in NSW’s Leard State Forest, will dump thousands of tonnes of coal dust onto neighbouring communities, lower the water table by several metres and destroy the last remnants of critically endangered woodland in Australia…forever.

But it doesn’t end with Maules. Over the past five years, ANZ has loaned over $2.3 billion to new coal and gas export projects along the eastern seaboard, including $1.1 billion to projects in our very own national icon – the Great Barrier Reef. This finance would help to unlock the Galilee Basin and double Australia’s coal exports.

As ANZ pursues its fossil fuel agenda, analysts from Citi, Goldman Sachs, the International Energy Agency, HSBC, the IMF and more highlight the growing risks that fossil fuel investments pose.

Over the past six months, and Market Forces members have given ANZ the opportunity to come to the table. Hundreds of you have told ANZ that you don’t support their damaging lending practices and have invited them to change. The response? Business-as-usual.

So, if ANZ won’t listen to its own customers or the advice of respected financial analysts, what will make them care about the dangerous world they’re fuelling?

ANZ has come under fire over dodgy projects in the past so they’re sensitive to their brand going under the microscope again. But if they won’t listen, then that’s what we’ll have to do…

  • On December 14 and 16, join dozens of ANZ customers to publicly close your account in protest of the Bank’s support for the fossil fuel industry.
  • Then, on December 18, join us at ANZ’s AGM in Brisbane to tell shareholders about the dangerous world that ANZ is funding.

It’s time to show ANZ that we won’t stand silently as they play havoc with our future.

Join us next month to close your account or attend the AGM and let’s put the fire out once and for all!

Yours with thanks,

Charlie, Blair, Aaron, Josh, Simon and the whole Australia

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