The election promise to introduce Very Fast Trains poses many problems


The election promise to introduce Very Fast Trains poses many problems

1 How would these trains negotiate the Sydney Metrop Rail System
which is at it’s absolute peak, at the best of times.
The suggestion to use tunnels would be at huge cost.

2 Assuming that the Sydney Metrop is negotiable , whereto then?
The Central Coast Line is at saturation point with commuter traffic.
The North Coast Line involves any water crossings, which we have
seen are subject to regular flooding.

3 An alternate route would be West of the great divide, in which case the
corridor would not service Wollongong, Sydney or Newcastle.
The Blue Mountains Line has steep gradients and sharp curves, which
would not facillitate VFT Trains.

4 The Main line over the Great Divide has many steep gradients, which
means the speeds would be unattainable.

5 The Melbourne-Adelaide- Perth Corridor is the most likely area for the
introduction of these trains.

6 VFT trains require dedicated rail lines with long straight lengths of rail, with
curves, if any very gradual.

7 It is a political gambit by politicians to promise systems used in other
countries, in order to gain votes. The problems in introducing VFT’s in
Australia, are manifold, and it is unlikely that we will see them in

Neville Gillmore

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