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The fightback


Sam – GetUp!

1:29 PM (7 minutes ago)

to me

The Abbott Government has just repealed Australia’s landmark price on pollution. But while they may claim the climate fight is over, we know it takes many battles to win a war.

This moment is many things. It’s disappointing, but it isn’t unexpected. In any fight worth having, there will always be setbacks. What matters is how our movement reacts.

Today, individuals and organisations are joining together to redouble our efforts for climate action. Check out this video to find out how to be part of the next step of the fight:


Right now, big polluting companies and climate change deniers want us to capitulate. Instead we all need to regroup, and recommit.

That’s why we’re starting the fightback by building the largest open letter Australia has ever seen – a mission statement for a huge movement. It’s a chance for us all to add our names, invite our friends, and commit to each other and the country to continue fighting for climate action.

Let’s grow the biggest open letter Australia’s ever seen. We’ve already got 71,000 names — including yours, NEVILLE! — and now we need your help to make it huge.

Click here to share the open letter with friends and family on Facebook.

Sharing this will help to build the community in this critical moment. It also means you’ll be the first to hear about opportunities to fight for climate action over the coming months — including some huge demonstrations and spectacles we’ve got planned. The only way to hear about them will be to sign onto the open letter now. Click here to share it, and help grow it to be the largest open letter we’ve ever seen.

We have what it takes to win this fight — a vast and powerful community of Australians who realise the urgency of the climate debate. So far, we have 71,000 signed up and ready to fight. If you can help make this community even bigger and stronger, here’s what we can do together:

    • Soon, our Senate will face difficult debates on whether to protect critical measures like the Renewable Energy Target, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Climate Change Authority. Protecting them means incentivising renewable energy projects and ensuring emissions reductions recommendations are based on science, not politics. Already, GetUp members have crowd-funded ads in new senators’ local communities — but we need your help to ramp up the pressure on our leaders, too.

This is our moment to show the world that Australians think quite differently from our government. This is our time to focus on preparing our next move ensure polluters, not ordinary Australians, pay the price for pollution. But we need to know that we’re in this together, and that you’ll help in making these moments huge.

Check out the video of how we fight back, and what you can help make possible.

Click here to share this with friends & family.

We’ve got a plan. We’re ready to fight. Now all we need is you.

Thanks for being a part of it,

Sam, and the GetUp team

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