The Honorable Minister for the Environment, Peter Robert Garrett


New Matilda CartoonHis statements on US bases, nuclear mining, forestry and desalination have disappointed many environmentalists. With Foreign Minister, Steven Smith, Peter Garrett refused permission for Captain Paul Watson to have the bullet proof vest that saved his life in 2007 on board the ship if it was to land in Australian waters. “We do not condone, indeed we condemn, dangerous or violent activities, including any activity that may jeopardise safety at sea or could lead to injury or loss of life,” a joint statement by the two ministers said.

So, does that make Garrett a boof head or a hero? Use the Poll at the left to let us know what you think. While you’re thinking about it, you can listen to this little sound piece that we put together in 2007.


This sound piece contrasts his view over time set to Midnight Oil music. Hear the former head of the Nuclear Disarmament Party’s voice crack as he avoids reporter’s questions. Hear him do a 180 degree turn on US bases over his eighties hit, ‘Short memory’. Weep as you realise the incredible power of the lyrics which he can no longer sing.

Listen to a great man turn into a worm. 

Warning: Recordings of members of parliament behaving badly may offend non-cynical listeners.


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