UQ students advised of proposed bus cuts

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UQ will be making a submission on behalf of our public transport travellers. If you have any complaints, concerns or suggestions for the review would you please send them to Mark Kranz, Property & Facilities Transport Systems Manager before 7 April. An omnibus (no pun intended) submission will be sent to Translink from UQ.

Staff and students who wish to make a private submission can do so online at translink.com.au or by phoning 13 12 30 until April 7.

The results of Translink review and consultation will be implemented from mid-2013.

The following bus routes servicing UQ may be subject to change:

UQ St. Lucia (Chancellor’s Place):

Route 411 – Deleted due to duplication of Route 412 (new frequent network route #24). Connecting secondary bus routes #500, #507, #509, #510, #511 & #512 will service passengers on Swann Rd and Gailey Rd.

Route 412 – This route will remain as part of the frequent network as route #24 – UQ (St. Lucia) to City.

Route 427 – Replaced by new routes including #509 – Chapel Hill to UQ & #511 – Lone Pine to UQ. Frequencies will respond to demand during university semesters.

Route 428 – as per Route 427

Route 432 – Replaced by a combination of routes including #510 – Kenmore South to UQ & #512 – St. Lucia Local

UQ St. Lucia (UQ Lakes):

Route 109 – Amalgamated with route 66 to form the new frequent route #3 – Uni Glider to provide a frequent connection between RBWH and UQ along the busway. This route will now connect UQ with PAH, Mater & RBH hospital precincts (and QUT – Kelvin Grove).

Route 139 – Remains but route number changed and serviced by #402 Sunnybank Hills to UQ which operates on an identical alignment.

Route 169 – Remains as an important connection from South East Busway destination to UQ with route #401 – Eight Mile Plains to UQ. The span of hours and frequency will be amended to meet demand during University semester times.

Route 192 – Removed due to duplication with coverage provided by a combination of #1 – City Glider, #3 – Uni Glider, #4 – New Farm to Yeronga and #5 – West End to Teneriffe.

Route 209 – Frequent service #14 – Carindale to UQ becomes a key element in the new frequent network, however, the alignment of the connection is moved away from Old Cleveland Road to Winstanley Street to extend coverage of the frequent network and remove duplication along Old Cleveland Road, which is serviced by #15 Carindale to City via Eastern Busway. Passengers on #15 Carindale to City (OId Cleveland Road alignment) travelling to UQ can transfer at Buranda.

UQ Ipswich:

Route 515 – There are no changes recommended. Translink reports that patronage has grown significantly since this high frequency connection was introduced between Brassall and UQ Ipswich. The route will become part of the SEQ frequent network and continue to connect major locations including the Workshops Rail Museum, Riverlink, Ipswich station and Ipswich Hospital.

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