US patent windmill 1000 time more efficient per cost/watt than other windmills

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US patent windmill 1000 time more efficient per cost/watt than other windmills


Neville Gillmore <>

9:51 PM (22 minutes ago)

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السبت، 28 ديسمبر، 2013

US patent windmill 1000 time more efficient per cost/watt than other windmills

Industrial design windmill for Wind farms very low cost easy to assemble by unskilled workers.
My US patents 7780416 &  8702393 windmills the energy it generates is tens of times more than the present windmill for a windmill which costs tenth the cost of the present windmill.
Therefore this windmill is hundreds of times more efficient than the present windmill per cost/power generated


The blinking sail windmill generates so much electricity due to its large size let’s say the 20 meters by 20 meters that the owner will get his money back in 142 days and that will never happen in any windmill even when they dream of one, the owner of the blinking sail windmill will get his money back in 142 days when he use it to generate electricity or make distilled water in desert countries or when making hydrogen from water to use it in cars instead of using petrol.
My windmill has all these three properties it cost 10% only of the cost of the present windmill and this low cost BLINKING SAIL WINDMILL generates ten time more electricity than the present windmill therefore it is 10 x 10 = 100 times more efficient than the present windmill, in view of the cost. Besides that it has much less maintenance cost since the generator is not 170 meters above the ground like the present windmill because the blinking sail windmill generator is few meters above the ground .
therefore no lightening can damage the generator of the blinking sail windmill


More energy is used to produce present wind turbine than it will ever generate

Blinking sail windmill only uses 14.8 tons of steel. All of it can be packed in one single track and assembled by unskilled workers without the use of any crane. It cost %1 of the cost of the present windmill.


This windmill does not need a proto type to prove its magical capability since the sails which move boats and ships is the proto type for this invention.

This windmill has one of the sales blocking the wind all the time. Therefore it generates power. While all the other sails letting the wind to pass through freely without any obstruction, so as if they do not exist. The result is one sail like in the ship generating power capable of moving a big electrical generator or a big water pump.
The sail boats race which takes place every year where the boats travel around the world and all the power is supplied to these boats for this very long trip comes from a piece of cloth its price equivalent to some gallons of petrol. If changed to an engine boat it will need tons and tons of petrol to complete the journey around the world besides the spare parts and the initial high cost.
When you watch these boats you can really see them moving at a high speed and cutting through the water with real force and big power and all of this is coming from a peace of cloth practically worth’s nothing.

TP52 Quantum Racing on the edge downwind in big breeze

my solo transatlantic trip 2012


If we make the electrical generator of the Blinking Sail Windmill having multi coil so when the wind is week only one coil activated then when the wind gets faster the second coil is activated so we get more electrical power and if the wind gets stronger the third coil activated and so on.

when the wind gets much stronger the spiral spring of the horizontal bars starts to act so the horizontal bars start to swing to the other side, so even the active sail ( the sail which is blocking the wind) starts to let some of the wind to pass through the active sail so the wind do not damage the sail and as the wind gets stronger the gap gets bigger, therefore  all the time the Blinking Sail Windmill is safe and generates electricity at the strongest winds besides generating electricity at the weakest wind near to stand still speed.
Jasim Al-azzawi
Giant manufacturers have to scrap all their factories & make new once. Therefore they don’t 
want this breakthrough Blinking sail windmill.
Plus it will cancel all their contracts for new wind farms which they have now they will lose billions
This new windmill can be made by any one it is so simple design. And can be assembled by any one with no cranes at all

 It’s rare to see that clearly how much concrete there’s in an offshore wind turbine, this is just for 30MW

And it can be assembled in very short time by very unskilled people. see this vidio..
The video above shows step by step how it is made and assembled that is the 20×20 meter windmill
It can be assembled by any unskilled people it is so cheep so efficient so easy for maintenance.
The solution to energy problem of this planet is this breakthrough windmill
Which is 1000 times more efficient than present windmills in view of cost to the energy production
Where with this Blinking sail windmill if we build offshore huge windmills with a cost of one billion dollars
They will give us power equivalent to one trillion dollars windmills of the types used to day.
It may sound unbelievable but the calculations prove it without any doubt.
Send me an email I will send you the calculations which proves that.
 No one can argue with calculations because math’s is a constant thing no one can proves it wrong no one at all.
US patent 7780416 blinking sail windmill fast wind 
US patent 7780416 blinking sail windmill gentle wind 

Blinking sail windmill

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