Voters Say: Humans Bear Responsibility for Species Extinction


Voters Say: Humans Bear Responsibility for Species Extinction

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by KQED News Staff and Wires | March 5, 2013 — 7:11 PM

A new poll from a national environmental group shows widespread concern among U.S. voters about the impact human population growth is having on wildlife.

The poll from the Center for Biological Diversity found most registered voters believe population growth is harming wildlife, and 60 percent say society has a “moral responsibility” to reduce species extinctions that are due to population pressures.

The Center’s Jerry Karnas said the results show the public is ahead of policymakers on this issue.

“By and large, the American people really see population growth as an environmental problem,” Karnas said. “They think that the planet is growing too quickly, they are concerned about the impact humans are having on other species, and they believe we have a moral obligation to reduce or stabilize population growth.”

Among the species in California threatened by population growth are Chinook salmon and the San Joaquin kit fox.

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