Water shortages widespread as northern summer ends

4 October, 2016 Climate chaos, Water0
Mombasa water carrier
A water carrier returns from distributing water to a thirsty population in Mombasa, Kenya

Over thirty countries around the world reported water shortages in the last week. From permanent and life threatening water shortages in Mombasa Kenya through imminent disaster in Pakistan to the ongoing drama of finding enough water for Northern Florida the fragility of water supplies is increasingly in the news. Falling water tables cause failures in crops and municipal water supplies, droughts render large dams useless and nations turn increasingly to deeper aquifers and desalination.


Biting water shortage in Mombasa County is expected to persist up to 2019/2020 after completion of the construction of Mwache Dam, a multi-purpose project in Kwale.


At a time when there are credible organisations that predict that Pakistan is expected to face a severe water shortage by 2025, building dams should have been a priority of the government along with other development projects.


Farmers in the Cauvery basin, who are staring at losing their standing crops, blame the government for not alerting them on time that they should not go in for sowing this season. They say neither the Water Resources nor the Agriculture department officials visited their villages to guide or advise them.


CLERMONT — For the past three years, south Lake County officials have debated and analyzed how they will provide water to a skyrocketing population.

Water experts caution south Lake now has less than three years to find an alternative water supply before withdrawals from the Upper Floridan Aquifer begin impacting lakes, wetlands and springs


SURAT THANI – Water zoning is being introduced on the holiday island of Koh Samui, with rationing of tap water to households and businesses. The extreme water shortage has forced large hotels to buy water trucked in from outside to serve their guests. The island is experiencing its worst water crisis in 10 years due to an extended drought, Thai media reported on Friday

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