We’re taking it to court (again) REEF FIGHT

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We’re taking it to court (again)


Sam – GetUp!

10:27 AM (6 hours ago)

to me


We hope you like legal fights, because we’ve just committed funding for a second court case to protect our Reef! This time, Environment Minister Greg Hunt is in the firing line for approving the dredging of 3 million cubic metres of World Heritage Area seabed.

It’s been the largest and most diverse grassroots crowd funding effort our movement has ever seen. First, thousands of GetUp members helped North Queensland Conservation Council launch a case against the dumping approval. Now, we’re helping fund this critical dredging case as well.

Our total contribution stands at $300,000 – made up of donations from more than 17,500 GetUp members all across the country.

This is a significant day for the campaign to save our Reef, and one we should all be proud of. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.

If you haven’t already, you can still get in on the action and contribute to the citizen-led Reef Fighting Fund that’s already helped launch two potentially game-changing court cases for the Reef: https://www.getup.org.au/reef

The case filed today argues that Minister Hunt failed his obligation to protect the World Heritage Area. If successful, the case would prevent the massive dredging project in Great Barrier Reef waters.

But that’s not all. It could set a precedent that would make it harder for any development that threatens our World Heritage Area to get approval. The stakes are huge, and you can be sure the whole world will be watching closely.

Can you help the fight?


We’re working with EDO Queensland, the same formidable lawyers leading the fight on the dumping case. This time, they’re representing the Mackay Conservation Group, who have been protecting our environment on the front lines for almost 30 years. There’s no-one better equipped to lead the charge, and we’re proud to throw our support behind them.

“This is a big step for our organisation, but one that we know is necessary for protecting the Great Barrier Reef. Our local community is passionate about the future of the Reef and it’s crucial for us to have the support of GetUp members from around Australia.” – Dr Michael Williams, Mackay Conservation Group President and local paediatrician.

The fight to protect our Reef isn’t going to be easy. Today we took another huge step, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Whether it’s helping to launch further legal challenges, running high-impact television or newspaper ads or another strategic campaign, let’s be ready for whatever comes next.

Can you be a part of the citizen-led Fighting Fund to save the Reef?


We’ll keep you posted on updates from both cases as they arise. But in the mean time, congratulations to everyone involved, and thank you for being part of this incredible movement. Days like today are what it’s all about.

Sam, Erin, Kelsey and Aly, for the GetUp team.

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