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The new westender logo provides a taste of the style to come

The publishers of Westender are proud and excited to note that the first print edition of the grand old newspaper in a year and a half has rolled off the presses and it rumbling its way toward West End.

You will see copies begin to appear on the street as early as today Friday November 29.

As is always the way with creative ventures, there were a few heart stopping moments and not everything has gone exactly as planned – please support local plumbers and electricians Neil T Fallon even though their full telephone numberĀ 3846 3666 did not quite make it into print.

You will see the stories that appear in print arrive on the website and facebook page over the next couple of days, where you can respond, participate and contribute to the next edition in February.

We like to think that we represent you, our neighbours in West End, so please feel free to use us as your urban voice.

– The Publishers


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