Wild storms hit Canberra


Wild storms hit Canberra

ABCJanuary 27, 2013, 8:40 am



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Emergency services in the ACT are responding to hundreds of calls for help after a severe storm swept across the area last night.

The storm dumped up to 65 millimetres of rain in some areas of Canberra with strong winds and rain downing trees and power lines and causing flash flooding and leaking roofs.

Some suburbs in the capital’s north are still waiting for power to be restored after thousands of homes lost power.

The Calvary Public Hospital in Canberra also lost power for about 20 minutes when its backup generator failed to kick in.

A hospital spokesman says water got into the generator and the issue is being investigated.

No surgery was being performed at the time and no patients were adversely affected.

Emergency services received more than 300 calls for help, mostly for flooding, fallen trees and leaking roofs.
The priority calls were dealt with overnight and crews will get to work on the remainder this morning.

One thought on “Wild storms hit Canberra

  1. Neville

    26 January, 2013

    What more proof is needed re the reationship of severe weather events to Climate Change. Dr James Hansen and Dr
    Andrew Glikson of the ANU have issued several scientific
    reportd on these events.

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