World’s largest wind-solar array has been installed

World’s largest wind-solar array has been installed
ScienceAlert Staff
Sunday, 20 July 2014

Recently built in Jamaica, this hybrid array provides the highest renewable energy density of any technology on the market.


Image: Winstream Technologies

Built in Jamaica’s capital city of Kingston, the array is expected to generate over 106,000 kWh of energy every year.

The company behind the array, renewable energy tech firm WindStream Technologies, says that over its projected 25-year lifespan, the energy cost savings are expected to exceed $US 2 million, and it will start delivering a return on investment (ROI) in four years.

The array includes 50 of Windstream’s new ‘SolarMill’ devices, which are each made up of one or more small, super-efficient solar panels and at least three wind turbines. Each one of these devices takes up the roof space of a single regular solar panel. “Each SolarMill provides the highest energy density currently available in the renewable market,” says the company on its website. “The daily and seasonal trends of wind and solar resources are all mitigated by capturing both at any time of the day or year.”

According to Gizmag, the electricity generated from this new wind-solar hybrid array will either be used and stored off-grid or fed back into Jamaica’s electricity grid.

Here’s how the technology works:

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