Wow factor over weeties

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John Dwyer with Jerry Seinfeld
John Dwyer watches his favourite coup on set at the client’s

The South West Chamber of Commerce is breakfasting at the Loft again this month with marketing guru John Dwyer working up the Wow factor over breakfast at 7am on Thursday 6 February.

John’s company assists business in developing marketing programs that have that Wow factor and he will impart the secrets of his success over breakfast next week.

John was the Rocktober festival organiser in the eighties and has worked with Woolworths, News, KFC, Coca Cola and Caltex. His most treasured gig though is securing Jerry Seinfeld for the Greater Building Society’s advertising campaign.

The Chamber enjoyed breakfast at a few different venues, trying the menus, last year. Looks like the Loft might have got the nod, or be closing in on the deal so we can expect a few more business breakfasts coming our way.

Get yourself to the Loft a little before seven so you can be comfortably seated before the Wow factor whacks you for six. Members and non-members are welcome to attend.

Details at the SW Chamber website


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