You know something is deeply wrong when kids no longer quote player statistics, they quote betting odds.

Dear Inga ,

You know something is deeply wrong when kids no longer quote player statistics, they quote betting odds.

Just like overpriced pastry goods and a crowded train ride home, taking the kids to the footy is now inextricably linked with exposure to gambling. Whether it’s constant updates on live odds or watching Tom Waterhouse sign autographs at half time, seeing gambling in sport is unavoidable. Kids can’t even watch the game at home without being inundated by ads urging people to have a punt.

You may have seen that yesterday the Government outlined a plan to ban broadcasting of odds and gambling ads during play. It’s a great start. But tomorrow the ALP Caucus is meeting to debate a suggestion by Stephen Jones MP that would flat-out ban all gambling advertising during all sports broadcasts except for horse racing and the greyhounds. Even better!

What MPs hear from their local constituents today could really tip the balance tomorrow. What will their staff advise your MP before the meeting tomorrow? How about: “Boss, seriously, we got 600 emails about that yesterday. Voters would love it if we went further!”

You know what to do. Click the below link to contact your local ALP MP or Senator before tomorrow’s debate:

Since the start of the footy season, bookmaker Tom Waterhouse has increased his TV advertising budget by 340%. [1] Parents and communities are taking notice and have made it clear that it’s time our sports are cleaned up and rid of gambling’s insidious presence.

It’s thanks to tireless campaigning from communities and leaders around Australia that we’ve even gotten this far. A full ban is supported by tireless gambling crusaders like the Rev. Tim Costello, and is being championed in Canberra by Independent Senator Nick Xenophon, Andrew Wilkie MP and the Greens’ Senator Richard DiNatale. It’s also backed by South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill.

Will you ask Caucus members to deliver real reform, and take Australia’s great sporting codes back from the gambling companies?

GetUp members have rallied to protect vulnerable members of our society from exploitation by the gambling industry many times before, whether by diving the national ‘Stop the Loss’ campaign for pokies reform, lobbying to limit pokies bets to $1 a spin, and forcing Woolworths – Australia’s largest poker machine owner – to confront the issue by holding an Extraordinary General Meeting. Sports gambling advertising could lead to a new generation of problem gamblers unless we speak up now.

Despite what we’ve seen in recent months, gambling has never been a central feature of any code of football, nor should it be.
Let’s beat the odds and ban the ads.

Thanks for all that you do,
Erin, for the GetUp team.

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