Your say: Ipswich mayor attacks insurance industry


Your say: Ipswich mayor attacks insurance industry

ABCUpdated January 30, 2013, 9:53 am



Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale has accused the insurance industry of trying to evade its responsibilities in the wake of disasters like the floods in Queensland and New South Wales.

Last night the Insurance Council of Australia’s Rob Whelan told Lateline that governments should spend millions of dollars on more efficient infrastructure to protect flood-prone towns.

Councillor Pisasale has told ABC News Breakfast that is just an exercise in trying to shift the blame.

“Instead of facing up to their responsibilities, what this bloke’s doing is [saying] let’s take it away from our customers and hit and blame local government,” he said.

“We’ve spent millions and millions and millions of dollars on flood mitigation and all councils are struggling, and yet insurance companies, all we see is the huge profits getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

“This guy was here in 2011 when our city was inundated… trying to defend the profits of insurance companies, and refused to pay millions and millions of profits to young people and families that were hit by floods.”

“We had to fight and fight and fight, and in actual fact we had to bring Bill Shorten in, and the Federal Government, to start reforming.

“They had all these hidden clauses all over their policies. This is how they do it. I’m glad he’s brought it up because this is a fight for the next generation. No young person will be able to afford insurance.

“Ask Rob how much money insurance companies have put up their premiums, and I’m talking about people not in flood areas. I live at the top of the hill and my premium went up $3,000… mate, it’s happened all over the place.”
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