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21 October, 2014 General news0
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Daily update: Was the Warburton Review a complete waste of money?


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RET Review panelist paid enough for a 20kW solar system, as questions arise over Review’s terms of reference. Plus: solar industry hits back on modeling behind proposed tariff changes; How a community solar project raised $120k in 10 days; Graph of the Day; City of Adelaide’s emissions win; US solar system prices continue downhill slide; Europe’s climate and energy test; questioning the value proposition of energy storage; 2014 on track for warmest on record; UK conservatives call solar ‘blight on landscape’; into the low-down on oceans, climate and the hiatus; and micropower’s quiet takeover.
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RenewEconomy Daily News
The Parkinson Report
RET Review member paid enough for a 20kW solar system, as PM&C concedes Warburton Review went beyond terms of reference. This comes as the Climate Change Authority, which the Abbott government says it still wants to ditch, says it will complete its own report on the RET.
Solar industry scathing on modelling used to justify fixed and time-of-use tariffs. Households – particularly solar ones – might get dudded again on network charges.
Repower Shoalhaven raised $120k of funding in just 10 days to install a 99kW community solar system that could save the local bowling club up to $400k.
New report suggests wind energy could supply 19% of global electricity by 2030, up to 30 per cent by 2050.
Renewable energy and green buildings help City of Adelaide cut community carbon emissions by 19% since 2007, electricity emissions by 31% from 2004-2014.
US DOE report says distributed solar PV system prices dropped by 12-195 nationwide in 2013, and should fall by another 3-12% in 2014.
EU leaders meet this week to set foundations of climate and energy policy for 2030. Can Europe convince the world it has a credible strategy?
We are told energy storage is needed for variable wind and solar. But this is not true now, and won’t be for some time.
As emissions steadily rise, the National Climatic Data Center has announced that 2014 will likely break the record for the warmest year on the books.
UK Environment Secretary says she would prefer farms grew crops rather than “blighting the landscape” with solar arrays. Sound familiar?
Are Earth’s oceans hotting up or aren’t they? And if so, how will this affect life on dry land? A top to bottom look at oceans and climate change.
Micropower is  cost-competitive and rapidly scalable … and it democratizes energy choices, promotes competition, speeds learning and innovation.

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