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Make the call for Bulga


John Krey, Bulga via 

9:41 AM (8 minutes ago)

to me
Neville —

Rob Stokes may only have a few weeks left to intervene and stop the Warkworth coal mine expansion getting approved, or it will be too late. Can you give the Planning Minister a call now and ask him to save Bulga?

My community has already beaten Rio Tinto’s proposed coal mine in court, twice. The judges found that it would be against the public interest for the mine to go ahead. It would kill our town, Bulga, and it would destroy an irreplaceable endangered bush ecosystem. But after our win in court, the NSW Government changed mine approval rules to make money trump the public interest. Then Rio Tinto resubmitted their mining application. Because of the unfair new rules, Rio’s new application is expected to be approved.

The new Planning Minister, Rob Stokes, has indicated publicly that he thinks balance should be restored to mining assessments. But unless he acts soon, it will be too late, and the Warkworth coal mine expansion will be approved. Time is running out, can you pick up the phone today and urge Rob Stokes to save Bulga? Click here to get his phone number and some dot points to help you make your call.

There’s a lot going on at the moment, and lots of ways you can get involved in the campaign to save our town from Rio’s coal mine:

  • Check out this great new video featuring one of the heroes of Bulga, AnneMarie McLaughlin. Share AnneMarie’s story on Facebook, and spread the word about our great community and our determination to beat Rio Tinto.
  • The Bulga Beats Festival is coming up on 20th June! It’s an exciting locally-organised event to celebrate our community, from the heritage Church to the wondrous mountains of the Wollemi National Park. The festival will showcase local music and arts, plus there’ll be vintage cars, market stalls, and food. This is your chance to be part of the epic battle to save Bulga… and have a fantastic time!
  • The NSW Planning Assessment Commission is accepting more public submissions about Rio’s proposed mine expansion. Please use this quick and easy guide to register your objection (again).

Thanks for taking a stand with Bulga as we fight for justice and our community’s future. We can’t win this fight on our own.

John Krey
Bulga Milbrodale Progress Association

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