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4 weeks to save the ABC


Erin – GetUp!

7:36 AM (3 hours ago)

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“Forget about Twitter and mobile phones, the ABC covers vast areas of Australia and if the power is down you can still listen to the ABC on your radio… I find the thought of any cut to the ABC rural network unthinkable… it’s a unique service where commercial radio just isn’t viable.”1 – Member for Maranoa, Bruce Scott MP


Remember when, on election eve, Prime Minister Tony Abbott told Australia there’d be no cuts to the ABC or SBS?2

Or how he spruiked a “no surprises, no excuses” government; assuring us there’d be “no broken promises”?

Well, it seems breaking those promises may be as easy as A-B-C.

Reports leaked yesterday suggest Abbott is poised to go back on his word, by taking the knife to our iconic national broadcaster.

It’s a knife that managing director of the ABC, Mark Scott, has made clear will not spare even the most essential of services offered by the ABC, saying there will be “no guarantee.. that any services could be spared, including rural services” should ABC funding be cut.3

That’s why we’ve created this hard hitting rapid response ad calling Tony Abbott out on his ABC election promise. Will you help us run this powerful ad during these critical pre-budget weeks?


We’ll be running the ad over the next three weeks in the most strategic prime time, regional and marginal electorates; in the areas where GetUp members like Aja, as a vision-impaired Australian, relied heavily upon the services provided by the ABC when she needed critical information about how to stay safe during severe flooding and cyclones in 2008. We’ll air our ad in areas where Australians will suffer the most, should Tony Abbott take the axe to the ABC.

We only have four weeks to hold Prime Minister Abbott to his promise.

Fortunately, public support for the ABC is on our side. Already nearly 300,000 Australians have joined the GetUp campaign to protect Australia’s favourite public broadcaster so it can continue to provide essential services to our rural and regional communities, quality children’s programming free of ads, original Australian shows we know and love, and balanced news reporting.

Over the coming weeks we’ll need to give it everything we’ve got – running strategic ads, holding high visibility events, mobilising our communities, delivering our fastest-ever growing petition and reminding Tony Abbott about his important election promises.

But we need your help to escalate the campaign and keep up the fight.

Click here to find out how you can help protect the ABC from damaging cuts: https://www.getup.org.au/no-cuts

Let’s make it clear that cutting funds to the ABC is a broken election promise Australians won’t forgive. Now is the time to give all we have to keep our ABC free of ads, free for all, free to remain fair and balanced.

Thanks for joining the fight,
Erin for the GetUp team

PS – GetUp members are already a powerful and visible voice standing up for our ABC. Late last year more than 220,000 Australians signed-on to GetUp’s fastest growing petition ever to keep our ABC free from cuts. Together, we ran huge billboards in high-traffic areas within Tony Abbott’s and Malcolm Turnbull’s electorates. Thousands of GetUp members proudly displayed their Save our ABC bumper stickers on bikes and laptops. Will you help us step up now, when it matters most? https://www.getup.org.au/no-cuts


[1] Nationals MPs warn against ABC budget cuts, The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 April 2014
[2] No cuts to the ABC or SBS: Abbott, SBS News, 6 September 2014
[3] No part of ABC would be quarantined if funding cut, managing director Mark Scott says, ABC News, 26 February 2014

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