Abbott’s plans for food price hikes

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Abbott’s plans for food price hikes


Andrew Leigh via 

1:50 PM (39 minutes ago)

to me
Neville,I had hoped that the Government’s year of broken promises were behind them. It turns out that last year was only the beginning.

This week, the Government sent out one of their MPs to propose slugging families with more GST which would mean raising the cost of hospital bills, school and university fees as well as fresh food by 10 percent.

This is despite Tony Abbott promising 33 times before the election that there would be no changes to the GST.

This time last year, the Government’s Audit Commission Chief was in the news proposing a GP tax. By the May Budget it was the Abbott Government’s official position.

These news stories from a Government backbencher is exactly the same strategy. It’s clear the Government is planning to introduce sweeping changes to the GST which would push up prices of essential services and food – hurting Australia’s most vulnerable people.

However, we still have an opportunity to tell Tony Abbott exactly what we think of this idea. Can you add your voice to our petition and tell Tony Abbott not to break his promise on changing the GST?

You and I achieved so much last year thanks to hundreds of thousands of people speaking up. In 2015 we have to keep up the fight. Help send the Government a clear message by adding your voice today.

Thanks for your help,

Andrew Leigh
Shadow Assistant Treasurer

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