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The Generator is an news service and archive complementing the mainstream news and reporting on world changing topics not well covered by the mainstream media. Original stories include sources to ensure that the reader can fact check our reports and to avoid any accusations of false news. The Generator is sponsored by the Ebono Institute.

It holds eleven years of articles from mainstream media as well as items featured on The Generator radio program which ran weekly from 2005 until 2009 and The Cage which ran on 4ZZZfm during 2016 and 2017. Most of these stories relate to food, energy, climate chaos or technology. A current focus of The Generator is the “one per crore” the 700 richest people in the world who control half the world’s wealth and hence many of the decisions that influence our daily lives.

An archive like this ensures that articles that may disappear from the public domain are preserved and complements feed based services such as Facebook and Twitter which, like broadcast media, are ephemeral and more or less synchronous in nature. Consider the case of NSW Premier Rees’ statement that Coal is more important than food’. This has now largely been expunged from the public record and almost the only evidence that it was ever said is here, on The Generator.

We always provide links back to the original article and it is sometimes instructive to see how articles “evolve” over time.

It also offers a means of providing context and background to your readers and followers as well as being a useful research tool.

The newsfeed is currently maintained by a network of contributors who have their own blogs with a similar ethos.

Please register on the site and note your interest in contributing.


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