AGL Energy fades from green to black

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AGL Energy fades from green to black


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AGL completes transformation from green to black with purchase of 4,600MW of coal generation. Plus: AGL looks at solar, storage and home energy solutions; The coal generator NSW sold for $0; US wind energy cost falls to ‘all-time low’; ACT govt releases plan to go carbon neutral by 2020; Chinese coal consumption just fell for the first time this century; Why utilities should give up operational control of distribution grid; Rooftop solar – own or lease?; The politicisation of environmental science in Australia; and Brace yourself for Solargeddon.
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AGL Energy completes transformation from ‘green’ to ‘black’ with purchase of 4,600MW of coal generation. Now it has a new challenge – keeping carbon price and renewables at bay, but also retaining trust from customers, dealing with “demand destruction” and disruptive technologies.
AGL Energy in talks with a number of battery storage suppliers at it tries to ready itself for the emergence of a new decentralised electricity model.
AGL Energy says it bought 2,00MW Liddell coal fired generator from NSW for free, such was the generous nature of the NSW privatisation (giveaway).
US report shows PPAs for wind energy projects hit record low 2.5c/kWh in 2013, thanks to policy support, local production and cheaper, better technology.
China’s coal use dropped for the first time this century — while the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) actually grew.
ACT government releases framework for carbon neutrality in own operations by 2020, ahead of plans for whole of Canberra to be carbon neutral by 2060.
Regulators in New York are about to make one of the most important changes to the modern electric grid. But is it enough?
Own or lease your rooftop solar? Homeowners in Australia and the United States take opposite approaches.
Despite all our efforts, despite the jobs losses, despite the facts, despite the undeniable climate logic, tragically the Solargeddon is a big step closer.
Somewhere between the vocation of politics and the vocation of science, Australia has lost its way – to the point where our international standing is seriously on the line

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