An update on Bjorn Lomborg’s “Consensus Centre”

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An update on Bjorn Lomborg’s “Consensus Centre”


Climate Council – Amanda McKenzie via 

2:15 PM (4 minutes ago)

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Hi Inga,
Recently, we emailed you about the Australian Government’s planned funding of Danish climate contrarian Bjorn Lomborg’s “Consensus Centre” at the University of Western Australia. We were overwhelmed at the response we received – you’re clearly just as passionate as we are about Australians having access to climate change information that is based on the best science available.

It’s thanks to you, and others nationwide, that the University of Western Australia announced last Friday that it would no longer house Bjorn Lomborg’s “Consensus Centre” – a fantastic outcome for science. So thank you!

Unfortunately, Lomborg’s Centre is still trying to establish itself in Australia, and this is deeply troubling. We’re concerned that the Centre would be focused on spreading misinformation presented as fact. This article outlines those concerns and we invite you to share it with your networks.

Misinformation is harmful. Just as false information about the ‘benefits’ of tobacco misled the public and damaged health, so false information about climate change and its impacts can mislead the public and decision-makers. Allowing it to go unchecked has already delayed much needed action to stabilise the climate system, so thank you again so much for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Amanda McKenzie
CEO, Climate Council

P.S In case you missed it, some of our youngest members starred in a particularly lovely Mother’s Day video over the weekend. We hope you enjoy it!

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