Ask Mark Butler: Renewable energy

14 April, 2015 General news0

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Ask Mark Butler: Renewable energy


George Wright via 

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Inga —

Want to know more about Labor’s renewable energy policy?

Today at 3pm EST Labor’s Shadow Environment Minister Mark Butler will be answering questions with Sharon Claydon on Sharon’s Facebook page.

Labor has taken steps to save the renewable energy industry in the face of attacks from the Abbott Government. Since Tony Abbott and the Liberals were elected, investment in renewable energy in Australia has fallen by 88%.

We’ve agreed to support the Clean Energy Council’s position of a Renewable Energy Target of 33,500 GWh per year as a floor to prevent the industry from collapsing. If elected in 2016, Labor will seek to lift that target and support an expanded renewable energy industry.

Jump on Facebook today at 3pm EST and ask Mark Butler questions about our plan to increase the use of renewable energy in Australia.

Thanks for your support,

George Wright


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