Audio enthusiasts blame “dirty” mains power for noise in their gear


Other appliances also to blame … But before you blame power
providers, Cawsey says most of the dirt entering our systems from the
mains power is caused by other appliances and the equipment itself.
“Digital electronics can create quite a bit of noise. CD and WD players
are known to contaminate your mains power,” he says. “And TVs and
computers are a huge source of noise.”

… and neighbours: Other sources of electrical dirt are
fluorescent lights, fridges or a neighbour’s arc welder or electric
drill. Cawsey has spent years working on ways to reduce noise that
affects AV systems. He now makes a range of specially treated power,
speaker and interconnect cables as well as high-end pro- and power

Power filtration boxes available: But he’s best known for two
inexpensive power filtration boxes, priced at $449 and $699, which have
won wide acclaim here and overseas for their noise-killing

Dedicated power line can help: Steve Eleftheriadis, another
audio veteran and CEO of upmarket AV company Reference Audio Visual in
Melbourne, has also found a way to combat annoying noise interference.
His tried-and-tested formula has two parts: wiring the listening room’s
power points to the mains switchboard through a dedicated power line,
and a Shunyata power conditioner.

Not too costly, either: “Running separate power from the
equipment straight to the switchboard means isolating the equipment
from all the other household appliances and lighting. A qualified
electrician can do this for $150 to $250,” says Eleftheriadis.

The Daily Telegraph, 1/2/2006, p. 9

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