Billboard banned- you won’t believe why ACF

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Billboard banned – you won’t believe why!


Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, ACF Unsubscribe

10:08 AM (2 hours ago)

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hi Neville

Farmer David Bruer was set to feature on an airport billboard, visible to G20 world leaders arriving in Brisbane.
After grapes worth $25,000 cooked in 46 degree heat at his South Australian vineyard, he knows what’s at stake from extreme weather.
But Brisbane Airport banned the billboard. They say it’s “too political.”
Here are the offensive text and image:
Enable images to see what farmer Bruer said.

Can you believe it? The billboard is part of a joint campaign with our friends at WWF and other organisations, calling on leaders to put climate change on the G20 agenda. The words “climate change” were deemed too controversial. So now it’s up to us to spread the word.

There are three ways you can get involved in this campaign.

1. Host Your own g20 GatherinG 

3. Join the social MEDIA storm

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg
Climate Change Campaign Manager
Australian Conservation Foundation
PS. Brisbane Airport had no problem with ads by oil company Chevron. People power is the only thing left to win the change we need.


Australian Conservation Foundation

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