Keep Feb 12th free for a Revival, Launch & Festival


Join the launch of Geoff Ebbs’ new book, Your Life Your Planet at 10:30am AEST (9:30 Qld time) on Friday 12th February. Register now for the free Sustainable Living Festival event at Humanitix.

The 12th February event is part of the Sustainable Living Festival.

Released through Australian Geographic and Woodslane Press, the book features practical tips on surviving in a post-carbon, post-CoViD world.

The event will be a revival of Geoff’s popular radio show, The Generator. Contributors to the half hour show will discuss food preparation, art to raise awareness and government fudging of climate figures.

Griffith University will physically host the show from the Colin Makerras room. You will get a personal invitation if you are a Generator listener, Australian Geographic reader, Griffith staff, student or alumnus.

The book is available through this website as an eBook or as an autographed paperback with a personal message from the author. Pre-order now and receive copies at the same time as the bookshops.

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