BREAKING: Carmichael Mine approved – urgent court action needed. Sam R – GetUp!

15 October, 2015 General news0

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BREAKING: Carmichael Mine approved – urgent court action needed.


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Terrible breaking news — but we have a plan.

Moments ago Greg Hunt re-approved the Carmichael mine, and we need to fight it in court.

Twelve weeks ago GetUp members helped beat the monstrous Carmichael Mine in Federal Court. It was a historic victory that reverberated across the world.

But Greg Hunt has just rushed through a new approval, and Adani has the all-clear to build one of the biggest coal mines in the world.

This coal mine will devastate our climate, our Great Barrier Reef, and our economy. The mine will spew out more carbon pollution than all the cars, planes and trains in Australia combined.

It will drain 12 billion litres of precious groundwater. It will be built without the free, prior, and informed consent of the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners. It will hold back our economy and lock us into a dirty, polluting, out-of-date mine when the rest of the world is moving on.

Can you help fight this hideous, destructive mine in court?

This is a dumb, cowardly approval, but we had an awful feeling it would happen. So we’ve been working behind the scenes with lawyers and experts to examine it closely. They say a case against the approval could have strong prospects of success.

We’re still working with our movement partners to decide exactly which litigant will take the case, and who will play which roles — we’ll keep you posted with every update. It’s likely we’ll be supporting both environment lawyers and conservation groups, like we did with the Mackay Conservation Group challenging the mine the first time.

But we can only make it happen if we have enough money to afford the huge amount of research, barristers and legal fees we need to fight the coal giant’s mine in court.

We’re confident this can be a strong legal challenge. But if for any reason the case doesn’t get off the ground, we’ll offer you a full refund.

Every contribution gets us closer to raising what we need to finish this godforsaken project once and for all.

We’ve done it before and we can do it again. Can you help us fight Adani in court?

Let’s do this:

For the climate. For the Reef. For our future.

Sam R and Adam, for the GetUp team

PS – GetUp has a strong history of taking on huge targets in court, and winning. In 2010, GetUp made a High Court challenge that helped get 100,000 young people enrolled to vote. Last year, 14,000 GetUp members chipped-in to fight off Greg Hunt’s Abbot Point coal teminal approval, twice. Let’s do it again:

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