Call for CountryMinded Candidates 2016 Federal Election 70 Rural and Regional Electorates Need New Representation

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Call for CountryMinded Candidates
2016 Federal Election
70 Rural and Regional Electorates Need New Representation

Australian politics is broken. Everyone now acknowledges that trust in our political leaders and political parties is at an all-time low. Disaffection and cynicism is widespread, and new micro-parties are popping up everywhere. None of these, however, have the grassroots base and inclusive platform necessary to drive a new mainstream political force.

The Country Party of Australia changed its name last month to CountryMinded. It unites countryminded people in a new politics that puts the country first ahead of party and personal careers.

CountryMinded aims to be a broad mainstream force representing rural and regional Australia. It has been created by farmers but it welcomes the involvement of anyone concerned about rural and regional communities and the national interest.

In the 1940s, Robert Menzies brought together a broad spectrum of Australians to create the Liberal Party, to represent the ‘forgotten people’ of Australia. Today the Liberal Party has forgotten many of these same people. The National Party and the Labor Party have also forgotten their core constituents. All three parties have abandoned rural and regional Australia, small businesses, and the battlers, and appear to have lost their purpose. Once again, a wide spectrum of Australians need to come together to create a mainstream political voice for ourselves and our communities.

Call for Federal Election Candidates 2016
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CountryMinded aims to restore an uncompromised voice for rural and regional Australia on the premise that:

  • A viable rural sector is vital to the future of the Country
  • Increasingly the Country’s economy is reliant on a viable rural sector
  • The policies that will sustainably resolve issues facing rural Australia will benefit all sectors of the economy
  • The current political representation does not and cannot effectively reflect the needs of rural and regional Australia

Peter Mailer

President of CountryMinded
Husband, Father, Farmer,
Boggabilla NSW
Join Up Today

CountryMinded needs your support and input into our policies and development.
Become a member, start a branch in your district, consider standing in next year’s critical federal election.

Expressions of Interest Invited
Express your interest to:

PO Box 1308

Goondiwindi QLD 4390



  • CountryMinded is a political party that stands for national and universal recognition of the contribution of rural and regional Australia and Australians to the social, economic and environmental well-being of the nation.
  • The Party seeks to arrest poor political advocacy for the sector resulting from the shrinking rural population and the increasingly disconnected urban population.
  • The Party is committed to a promote a modern “countrymindedness” to foster better social awareness and public policy to support sustainable and prosperous rural and regional economies for the benefit or all Australians.
  • It aims to restore to individuals the right to make their own choices and to accept responsibility for their consequences, on the basis that they make better decisions than government.
  • Government has a responsibility to intervene where free markets fail.
  • Elected representatives are public servants and their first and binding commitment must be to their constituency in the context of being a servant. The practice of politicians placing their relationship with a party above their obligation to their constituents is abhorrent.
  • Government has a moral and ethical responsibility to act in the interests of future generations as well as current Australians. The preservation of the natural resources of the nation including agricultural land is essential to the prosperity of future generations. Similarly, the exploitation of the nation’s non-renewable resources should provide significant benefits to future generations without risk to productive lands.
  • Australia is a Christian democracy based on Christian ethics, but beyond this ethical standard there shall be a clear separation of church and state. No person or people shall be subject to persecution or prejudice due to sexuality, religion, race or ability.

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