Change is coming

11 February, 2016 General news0
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Change is coming


Shen – GetUp!

7:19 PM (3 minutes ago)

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Change is coming, can you feel it? Church leaders are invoking the centuries-old tradition of ‘sanctuary’ and state premiers are defying their party to offer a home for 267 men, women, and children seeking our protection.

These past few days have signalled a clear shift in the public’s attitudes towards people seeking asylum. But we’re not home yet.

More than ever, politicians and mainstream media are picking up on the dominant trends in social media. If we act collectively through our schools, churches, workplaces and sports clubs to spread the #LetThemStay message online, we can keep the momentum building this week. Tomorrow we have a plan to do just that, but to get noticed we need to act together in our thousands.

Will you share your message of support for the 267 men, women, and children at risk of being deported to the abusive Nauru detention camp as part of a national day of action?

The campaign to #LetThemStay is only getting started. The churches are on board, the premiers are on board, the teachers, the comedians, the doctors, and the unions. And earlier this week, tens of thousands of Australians stood side-by-side in capital cities and communities across the nation to call on our Prime Minister to Let Them Stay.

Now’s the time to show just how far-reaching the calls to Let Them Stay are. If people from every single sector of civil society join in, it’ll show just how out of step this government’s brutal stance is with the voting public.

But to amplify the issue on a national scale, it can’t just be a few hundred people. It’ll take thousands of people showing their support for those seeking protection to get noticed.

Tomorrow, let’s make sure the calls to Let Them Stay’ are heard from every single sector of Australian society.

Right now, it feels like our nation is on the precipice of change. Together, we can make it happen.

Shen, Alycia, and Aurora for the GetUp team

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