Citipower plans $72m upgrade for Melbourne CBD


Citipower proposes $72m in new cables, substations, isolators for for Melbourne central business district

CitiPower has proposed a project to enhance the security of the electricity supply to the Melbourne central business district (CBD). CitiPower’s current CBD network security planning standard, at the zone substation and sub transmission system level, was to deliver a network that is capable of withstanding a single contingency event at the 50th percentile of forecast demand without interruption (i.e. an N-1 security planning standard). These works were estimated to cost approximately $52 million ($2006). See the final report can also be downloaded from NEMMCO’s website:
The proposed major works include:

• new 66kV 120MVA cable between Brunswick Terminal Station and Victoria market substation.

• 2 66kV 120MVA cables from Queensbury substation to Victoria Market substation;

•  Replacement of 9 66kV isolators with 19 GIS CBs and isolators at Victoria Market substation;

•  Replacement of 7: 66kV isolators with 7 GIS CBS and isolators at Waratah Place switching station; and

• 2 66kV 120 MVA cables running from Queensbury substation to Waratah Place switching station.

Erisk Net, 12/4/2007

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