Claim of `well orchestrated campaign’ to bring East Timorese Alkatiri Government down


According to journalist John Martinkus, author of several books, including A Dirty Little War: An Eyewitness Account of East Timor’s Descent into Hell 1997-2000 (Random House, 2001), Mari Alkatiri’s resignation was the culmination of a long-planned attack.

Confirmation of what Alkatiri said: "Three weeks ago in East Timor I was given information from senior members of the East Timorese military that confirmed what the now deposed prime minister had been saying all along," Martinkus wrote in The Sydney Morning Herald (10/7/06, p.9) .

Three attempts since April: "There had been three attempts since April last year to get senior command figures in the East Timorese army to carry out a coup against the Government of the former prime minister, Mari Alkatiri.

"Well orchestrated" campaign: "In light of what has happened since, it seems obvious a very well orchestrated campaign has been carried out to bring the Government down. And it has worked.

Opponents enlisted junior officers: "For reasons best known to themselves, the opposition to Alkatiri enlisted the support of a group of junior officers in the East Timorese defence forces, the F-FIXFL, who broke with the army command and took their weapons with them."

The Sydney Morning Herald, 10/7/2006, p. 9

Source: Erisk Net  

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