LPG conversions all the go in current fuel price crisis


The cost of converting to Autogas varies between $1500 and $3400, depending on the type of vehicle and system used, and it could be even less if the Government goes ahead with its proposed $1000 subsidy, reported The Sydney Morning Herald (10 August 2006 p2).

High demand creates supply shortage: Some mechanics have turned customers away as there was a two-month wait for LPG tanks in some areas.

Happy customer: John Ferlandes, of Punchbowl, had his car converted to Autogas’ two weeks ago as he was fed up with rising petrol prices. Mr Ferlandes previously spent about $120 a week to fill up his four-wheel-drive Nissan Patrol, but now pays only $50.

Well worth the expense in long run: The conversion cost about $2500 – "more than worth it", according to Mr Ferlandes, who has travelled 700 kilometres in the car over the past four days. "I would estimate it will pay itself off in about six months," he said.

But do your sums: However, the fuel was not appropriate for all cars, said Dominic Iacullo, the owner of Glow Automotive in Campsie. "If you’re doing only 10,000 kilometres in your car a year, I would advise against LPG conversion as it would take about six years to see any financial benefits."

The Sydney Morning Herald, 10/8/2006, p.2

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