Costa submits power selloff despite internal opposition

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“Late last week they introduced their Electricity Industry Restructuring Bill into parliament.
“This legislation would create broad ranging powers for Treasurer Michael Costa to restructure and sell off the state’s electricity industry in any way he sees fit, without further reference to parliament.
“The Coalition’s credibility is on the line. If they hand over control of the electricity industry to Treasurer Costa, their promise to scrutinise the sell-off will prove to have been nothing but political posturing to placate unhappy rural MPs.
“If the electricity sell-off plan goes ahead regional NSW will be particularly badly affected, with the loss of hundreds of jobs and service cuts.
“Privatisation of Telstra left households outside major cities with substandard telecommunications services. Now the Iemma government wants to do the same to electricity.
“Today’s meeting adds to community pressure on the Iemma government and the Opposition to stop the sell-off push. Hundreds of power workers will be there to hear from members of parliament and union representatives.
“It is not too late to stop the sell-off. If the Coalition votes joins the Greens in opposing the legislation in the Upper House, we only need three more votes. I have no doubt a strong community campaign could put an end to this privatisation,” Dr Kaye said.

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