Daily update: Abbott keep Australia on climate margins, Hunt attacks solar

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Daily update: Abbott keep Australia on climate margins, Hunt attacks solar


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Abbott to keep Australia at margins of climate talks; Hunt slams “cross-subsidies” of rooftop solar; why coal is the biggest loser; Unsubsidised wind & solar competitive with coal; Hunt attacks solar “cross-subsidy” from neighbours”; Citigroup sees Aus solar market at 2.2GW in 2020; Global Co2 emissions could peak well before 2020; The move to peak coal in China by 2016; If carbon budget was a cake, we’d be running out of dessert; China heads for price on carbon; Will Abengoa tower be last CSP project in US?; and Richmonds Tigers turn to solar.
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An unheralded G20 report calls on nations to introduce carbon pricing; little wonder Australia doesn’t want climate change mentioned at the November summit. Meanwhile, Abbott determined to keep Australia at margins of global climate talks, and will not offer new targets.
Environment Minister Greg Hunt attacking rooftop solar as a “cross subsidy” from one neighbour without solar to another with solar.
Citigroup says annual solar installations will more than double in Australia by 2020, with global market set to jump to 51GW in 2015.
Wind and solar power are set to be cost competitive with coal-fired stations, even without subsidies, says US investment bank Lazard.
Yet another major analysis has painted a bleak outlook for the global thermal coal industry.
Action by US and China opens up opportunity to achieve what many thought was a lost cause – a peak in global emissions well before 2020.
China is rapidly transforming its electricity system, with a central outcome to diversify the system away from coal-fired power generation.
If the planet’s carbon budget was a giant cake, then we’d all be running out of dessert — fast.
Economic reforms such as a national carbon price could usher in dramatic changes on China’s energy landscape.
Can concentrated solar thermal (with or without storage) ever compete with photovoltaics in terms of electrical generation?
Richmond Tigers install 100kW rooftop solar at its training facilities at iconic Punt Road headquarters.

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