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Daily update: CCA’s Fraser wants RET extended, coal generators closed


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Bernie Fraser wants RET extend, coal generators closed; Macfarlane: Flood market with gas, but not wind or solar; Energy efficiency evolves from “hidden” fuel to “first” fuel; ABB sees future of micro and nano grids; Post-Fukushima Japan turns to offshore wind and solar; German coal generation falls to 10-year low; Who are Australia’s top cleantech contenders; Rooftop solar panels now cheaper than coal in Philippines; $10 bet leads to new synthetic grapheme; and Greenhouse gas concentrations hit record high.
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CCA chief Bernie Fraser says keep 41,000GWh renewables target, but allow more time for it to be met. And use Direct Action to help permanently close coal generators that are passed their useful life.
Industry minister Macfarlane says energy markets should be “flooded” with gas, while arguing that solar and wind should be curtailed.
IEA says energy efficiency should now be considered “first” fuel rather than “hidden” fuel, with potential economic benefits of $18 trillion.
Swiss power and automation giant ABB sets out vision to establish itself as the “leading entity” in the battery storage sector.
As the government attempts to get at least some nuclear plants online by the end of 2015, an energy swell has been building off Japan’s coast.
In each of the first 8 months of 2014, coal generators in Germany were unable to match or surpass the output of the respective month in the previous year.
A look at the finalists in this year’s Australian Technologies Competition, innovators driving the sustainability solutions of the future.
Carlos Jericho Petilla is the Secretary of Energy for the Philippines, and recently explained that rooftop solar panels are now cheaper than coal there.
Penn State professor Thomas E. Mallouk is $10 richer and the world is one step closer to realizing the dream of mass-producing high grade synthetic graphene.
Greenhouse gas levels in atmosphere reached record high in 2013, according to latest measurements by the World Meteorological Organisation

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