Daily update: Citigroup: Outlook for global solar is getting brighter

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Daily update: Citigroup: Outlook for global solar is getting brighter


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Citigroup: Outlook for global solar is getting brighter; Solar thermal expansion approved for Port Augusta; How far away is grid parity for residential battery storagee?; “World first” portable solar hybrid plant set for Queensland mine; Petratherm announces $17m geothermal project write down; 9 reasons why thermal coal is struggling; Global onshore wind headed for 52GW a year; Germany’s green grid world’s most reliable; Solar PV deployment reaches 5GW in UK; and China & India’s GW-scale solar plans.
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The Parkinson Report
Leading investment bank has painted an incredibly bright future for solar energy across the globe, arguing that its rapid expansion will be driven by “pure economics” and the growing need for fuel diversity.
Port Augusta council gives nod to Sundrop Farms’ solar thermal greenhouse project, including 100m solar tower and large solar field.
Grid parity for Australian-developed battery storage technology may not be far away, says Australian brooking house.
ARENA boosts support for 1MW pilot plant to test Australian-designed portable solar hybrid technology in regional Queensland.
Australian geothermal hope fades as Petratherm flags $17m writedown of Paralana project assets after failing to meet terms for government grant.
The price of coal has fallen 51% since peaking in January 2011. Are we seeing China and India turning away from coal?
BNEF paints picture of global onshore wind market adding an average of 50-53GW of new energy capacity a year out to 2020.
In terms of grid reliability, the only nations that rival Germany are Japan (another “green” leader) and Singapore.
Solar PV capacity in the UK has now reached 5 gigawatts, making it just the sixth country to hit this landmark figure.
China and India’s GW-scale solar plans Bloomberg News Energy Finance
China adds 3.3GW of solar in first half 2014 and sets sights on 10GW, India looks to low-cost loans and grants to install 20GW of new capacity.

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