Consumer protection by guerilla disconnection

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Local business owner, Leigh Storr, says that companies and individuals will start cutting themselves off from the electricity supply in what he calls guerilla disconnection.

The challenge for the electricity industry, recently exposed by Four Corners and The Monthly, is that the cost of the infrastructure for fossil fuel generated electricity is increasing as fewer customers need it.

As a result, the service charges on your electricity bill have increased much faster than the charges for the electricity itself.

Not content with printing false statements blaming these costs on environmental regulation in large red letters on their bills, electricity companies are now lobbying governments to further penalise owners of solar panels with higher connection charges. The price paid for solar generated electricity is already a ridiculously low 4 cents per kilowatt and the amount of electricity that can be supplied to the grid has been capped by export limiters.

The best protection for consumers, according to BioSolar owner and CEO, Leigh Storr, is to disconnect from the grid altogether.

He said that consumers can achieve this, by simply notifying their provider of an imminent disconnection date, online. On that date, the consumer throws the switch on the export limiter and the utility records no further use.

“What are they going to do? Drive around and issue fines for people who have the lights on without being registered to a fossil-fuel-powered generator?”

He thinks the crunch will come in 2017 when the cost of being connected to the grid will exceed the cost becoming self-sufficient.


One thought on “Consumer protection by guerilla disconnection

  1. Ian Lowndes

    13 August, 2014

    it especially makes sense for some businesses with large roofs such as showrooms that are only open during the day.

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