Daily update: Fossil fuels win battle over RET, but will they win the war?

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Daily update: Fossil fuels win battle over RET, but will they win the war?


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Fossil fuel wins battle but will they win the war?; Renewables at risk from dinosaur govts & utilities; Hunt changes tune as policy extremists take control; Commercial scale rooftop solar market facing oblivion in Australia; Experts respond to RET review; Chile to become first South American country to adopt carbon tax; and Coal plants lock in 300 billion tons of Co2 emissions.
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The Parkinson Report
The predictable findings of the RET Review panel will deliver massive windfalls for fossil fuel generators. But as they celebrate a victory of short term interests over long term public benefits and good policy, their Kodak moment looms larger than ever.
IEA says renewables growth headed for 5-year slump if govts and utilities fail to rise to challenge of increasing deployment. Meanwhile, in Australia…
Greg Hunt has spent the last year saying the costs of the RET are modest. Now he says meeting the 41,000GWh target would entail “extraordinary” penalties.
Solar industry says proposed changes to RET could signal end of commercial scale solar market in Australia.
Experts – including Alan Pears, Andrew Blakers and Dylan McConnell – respond to report which has recommended deep cuts to RET scheme.
Chile to become the first country in South America to institute a carbon tax, and the second in Latin America after Mexico.
Coal-fired power plants are the largest contributors to atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

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