Daily update: How battery storage costs could plunge to below $100/kWh

7 October, 2014 General news0
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Daily update: How battery storage costs could plunge to below $100/kWh


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How battery storage costs could plunge to below $100/kWh; SA hits 100% for a whole working day; Chinese coal consumption down 23% as more funds dump fossil fuels; Melbourne colliege to install solar to supply 50% of power; RE sets new readership record; Royal Mint launches tender for solar array; Total global solar heads for 200GW, 50GW in 2014; 11 charts to help you understand climate change; Drought dries up hydropower in Cali; Wind & solar catching up with nuclear; and Making sense of contrasting views on climate change.
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New research shows battery storage costs falling to below $100/kWh within years. That makes storage attractive for homes, businesses, for grid operations and to replace gas peaking plant. And there will be no need to “over produce”, or for back-up reserves.
Wind energy provided more than 100% of electricity for South Australia during working day last Tuesday. And that didn’t include rooftop solar.
China coal power consumption falls 23%, as Australia’s $8bn Local Government Super Fund joins global march to fossil fuel divestment.
Mazenod College to install Australia’s biggest school solar system – a 270kW PV array that will supply 50% of power needs of its Mulgrave campus.
After reaching 173,500 unique visitors in August, RE sets new daily record of page views.
Royal Australian Mint publishes tender for big solar PV system – that it doesn’t want anyone to see – to top its heritage nominated Canberra building.
Latest data shows cumulative global solar on track for 200GW, with PV added in 2014 forecast to hit record 19.5GW for Q4, 50GW for whole year.
Every year a disparate collection of 88 wonks from 68 organisation in 12 countries work tirelessly to produce the Global Carbon Budget.
As California’s historic drought dries up the state’s water supplies and withers its crops, it’s also shaking up the way electricity is produced there.
Renewables are capturing a larger and larger portion of the total global energy infrastructure pie.
Given the complexity of climate change as a social problem it is possible for competing narratives about its social implications and solutions to exist.

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