Daily update: How to live off the grid

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Daily update: How to live off the grid


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Energy wars, AGL accuses networks of gold plating; Renewables campaign launches as Abbott heads for bunker; How to live off the grid; How solar, storage, EVs will make homes $1,500/yr better off; The dirty secrets behind ‘Clean Coal’ advertising campaign; Energy policy assessment; Can new small wind companied duplicate success of solar industry; Direct investment in renewables; Can India achieve 100% renewable energy; and grid parity coming in more than half of US states.
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Retailers set off a turf war against network operators, effectively accusing them of trying to gold plate the network once again, while the retailers suffer the impact has more consumers turn to solar and storage, and consider leaving the grid.
Save renewables campaign strikes a chord as Abbott prepares to meet key ministers on RET, and renew attempts to kill ARENA, CEFC.
We’re an average family doing everyday things.  The difference between your morning and ours is that you’re probably pulling your power from the grid.

UBS says investing in solar, plus battery storage and electric vehicles will make homes much better off than those who rely only on grid.

Advertising authorities have told Peabody Energy that it can no longer freely dangle its “clean coal” mythology in front of consumers without explanation.
A round-up of the latest energy policy developments in Australia, US, China, EU, Japan and elsewhere. Australia the only negative for green energy.
While solar has exploded in the U.S., small wind has struggled to grow. Two startups are hoping to change that.
The spectre of direct government investment in renewable energy is haunting Australia. Well, it should be.
By 2050, India could rely entirely on renewable energy to create a sustainable energy future.
For more than 120 years, homes and businesses have been buying electricity. Now rooftop solar is changing the way hundreds of thousands of homeowners get energy

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