Danube breaks her banks as Europe floods


Army called in Serbia: The Serbian Government announced emergency measures on 14 April as thousands of army troops were helping to stack sandbags along the river, which burst its banks in several areas, flooding parts of Belgrade and northern regions in Serbia.

Snow melt and rain combine: Spring melting of snow, together with heavy rains, has led to floods throughout southeastern Europe in the past few weeks.

All Bulgarian river communities on alert: The Danube, the second-largest river in Europe after the Volga, reached a record high of 9.4m in the northwestern Bulgarian city of Vidin, prompting authorities to declare a state of emergency and prepare the city of 50,000 for a possible mass evacuation. Authorities declared a crisis in all 22 communities along the country’s 450km stretch of the river.

Romania makes ready: And in Romania, more than 3000 police, military and civilian workers monitored dams, with dozens of communities ready to evacuate in case of flooding.

Nuclear power plant monitored: In the Bulgarian town of Kozlodui, the Danube reached 8.5m and submerged the port. Workers at the nearby nuclear power plant were inspecting dikes, but the civil defence agency said the plant’s safety was not threatened.

The Australian, 15-16/4/2006, p. 13

Source: Erisk Net 

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