EcoRadio discusses deGrowth

27 February, 2020 Circular Economy, Interviews0

Geoff Ebbs hosted EcoRadio on 4ZZZ yesterday, 26th Feb and took the opportunity to discuss the Circular Economy and an end to growth.

One of the items he put to air was an interview he had earlier recorded with Dick Smith. “… we know that we cannot continue to grow on a finite planet, but capitalism depends on growth, so it might all go bust. We might not be here to see the future, I’m sure some cockroach will be here and ready to start evolving again, but I am optimistic. I am a capitalist and I hope that some wonderful genius will come along and save us from ourselves.”

Dick Smith, the dare devil
Dick Smith campaigned against endless growth

Yes Dick reflects the dilemma we face as a civilisation. Interestingly, he knows more than most of us about the challenges of ending growth. He ran Australian Geographic as a xero-growth company for eight years. Listen to the last three minutes of the interview to hear him discuss that.

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