Demand for bio-diesel outstripping supply


A far north Queensland bio-fuels company says it is unable to keep up with demand for its environmentally friendly diesel.

Reefuels says it will construct a new plant at Mossman, in conjunction with local company Evergreen, to meet the growing demand for bio-diesel.

They are hoping to produce about 360,000 litres of fuel every week from a mix of feed stock, coconut oil and tallow.

Reefuels’ managing director Mark Roberts says the bio-diesel is no longer considered a ‘strange concept from the bush’ and that the benefits of the fuel are widespread.

"The environmental benefit, the offset of 2.7 kilograms of greenhouse emissions by using a litre of bio-fuel as opposed to using mineral diesels, [and] just the pure health benefits for those who are working around diesel engines," he said.

"It’s now a very real alternative."

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