Ecological sustainability is one of the Greens’ core beliefs.



The Greens have also recently released a policy initiative to protect Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and details of the initiative can be read here. When launching the initiative, Senator Brown said without fast action to tackle climate change and acidification of the oceans, as well as dangers from oil spills and water pollution, the Great Barrier Reef would die. Climate change will likewise have a big impact on our fresh water systems, which Sarah Hanson-Young and Rachel Siewert have been strongly campaigning on, to read about their initiatives for the Murray-Darling basin please click here.


Protecting Australia’s forests is another key concern for the Australian Greens and one such example of this was the release of the Western Tasmania: A Place of Outstanding Universal Value report, a proposal to extend the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area in September 2009. The Australian Greens recognise that our native forests and woodlands are more valuable for their rich biodiversity than being cut down for woodchips.

In terms of developing indigenous conservation opportunities, Greens Senator Rachel Siewert has challenged the Government to commit to implementing the vision outlined in the Sustainable Development in Northern Australia report which was released in February 2010, saying the report provided a vision for sustainable development of northern Australia based on mutual respect, respect for indigenous peoples of the north and the environment.


Senator Scott Ludlam is a passionate anti-nuclear campaigner and the Greens are committed to ending the exploration for, and the mining and export of, uranium. Our Nuclear policy can be read here and you can read more about Senator Ludlam’s work by clicking here.


The Safe Climate Bill is a collection of linked bills based around the five pillars of renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transport, forest protection and green jobs, supported by a real carbon pricing scheme. Some of the Bills have already been introduced to the Senate by Senator Christine Milne. The Greens’ Safe Climate Bill is the first legislative attempt to transform Australia as swiftly as possible into a flourishing carbon neutral powerhouse and is aimed at securing existing stores of carbon in standing forests.


The Australian Greens recognise that levels of pollution in our atmosphere mean that business-as-usual will no longer work if we want to avoid dangerous climate change. The future for Australia can still be a prosperous one if we build our economy on green principles rather than short-term self-interest. The Australian Greens believe that ensuing clean air, clean water and clean soil for future generations is part of government’s job, and therefore part of our bedrock commitment to protecting Australia.

More information about the Australia Greens’ work to protect Australia’s environment, as well as all of our policies, please visit the the Australian Greens’ website at



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