Southern Wave power a great untapped resource::CSIRO

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Southern wave power a great untapped resource: CSIRO

ABC August 17, 2010, 8:50 pm


Australia’s southern coastline has been identified as one of the world’s most promising sites for the generation of wave energy.

CSIRO researchers in Tasmania have been studying how much low-carbon energy can be produced in waves close to the shore along the southern Australian coastline.

They have found there is great potential: 10 per cent of the energy produced in waves near the shore along the southern coast would be enough to meet half of the country’s present-day electricity needs.

Researcher Dr Mark Hemer says it is an exciting discovery.

“Australia has a massive resource in wave energy compared to other nations in the world, and we have a really good opportunity to make the most of that.”

Dr Hemer says the best sites were between Geraldton in Western Australia and the southern tip of Tasmania.

“And there were a number of sites I guess that come out as being possible locations,” he said.

“Portland in western Victoria and Port McDonald in south-east South Australia, the west coast of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Albany in Western Australia, or Geraldton, they’re all good locations with high energy.”

Dr Hemer says a number of wave energy extraction devices are being developed to tap the power source.

An economic and engineering study is yet to be completed.


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